Monday, March 30, 2015

Still Alive


i'm still alive.

though the title or it might sound so cliche but babe, i'm alive. still alive.
for some reasons (tho i don't know what were the reasons), i didn't post any on this blog.
day by day.
one after another.

there were a lot of things that i have been through, a lot of things happened, bad and good.
all that i can do is just be so much thankful to HIM, The One who gives the life and death and the great planner! I know that He knows a lot and knows everything that people not know.

there must be a great wisdom behind all these happened.

yesterday was such a nightmare to me. had an accident and some bad things happened in one day. i just can't let the world know every detail of what happened. but somehow i really really need some du'a and motivational quotes from people.

i just need to get up and move on.
i just need to be so thankful.


anyways, due to the accident. i just had some minor knee injury which is sooo minor and nothing so bad happened to me which is so Alhamdulillah.
need some rest.
until then.