Sunday, August 09, 2015

Life in a nutshell.



I think it has been quite awhile since I had my words here. Can't believe that I can pass the days without thinking about what to blog or how is my blog or whatever I need to blog, nowadays. Perhaps as life getting busier, I just need most of my time thinking about the important things rather than the silly thing, like blogging. No, no. Blogging is not a silly thing. It just a small matter compared to the other tasks I need to do in my life now.

The moment I actually wrote this to my blog was the time of fajr prayer. And I was in my own exact home in Benut. My lovely home. Home sweet home. Home is where the heart is. Because I was so stressed with my life in CFS. So I decided to come back home to see my mom, though I only had 2 days off. But I can't really accept the fact that time is ticking faster than we thought when we're enjoy with whatever we had for the moments.

Suddenly being home made me homesick.

The fact that I had to go back to PJ a few hours then already made me 'I want to be home'-kind of feeling. huh. It's like having a 2 pounds of burden on my whole body. I just wanna be with mom and dad. 

Whatever I'm hoping for. Life is life. We have to live our life no matter how bad the situation is. Final semester is quite challenging. But I don't wanna talk about whatever happened in my final sem. Let's just do it when I had finish my whole life in CFS.

Now, no matter how difficult, hard , tough it is. I have to live. I must live. I need to survive. That is my life in a nutshell. Luls~

Until then~