Tuesday, July 12, 2016

God knows

so i'm all alone at home. mom and dad went to work of course whilst my brother, well, the thing when you only have a sibling is that you know you will always be alone at home. what more if both your parents are working parents and your one and only sibling is a boy who won't stay home for nothing and boys are being boys, lepak and all.

i'm having headache now. just getting better from a short fever. i'm the one who won't easily get sick. i usually only got sick and fever once in a year, sometimes once in 2 years so yeah, a short fever is just another thing.

but i guess that i'm not totally fine now. physically might be just fine and okay. but mentally, i'm not. i kind of depressed these days. and i'm getting too emotional for nothing.

well there is one thing that bother me all the time. and one thing always lead to another, i almost throwing tantrums over silly small matters. oh God, you must've really mad at me for not able to control myself these days. i'm sorry.

i just need some time. just another time. for me to accept the things happened around. while doing that, i'm feeling so sick of putting a fake smile in front of people. i hate myself for that. going out and smile and the next thing i know i almost cry myself to sleep when there's no people around.

just He knows it.