Monday, December 26, 2016

Final Exams ft. Not-Really-in-a-Good Conditions.


Howdy do everyone? Well, me. Not really fine.

Having some issues with my own self now.

With the upcoming final exams of my second semester, I'm currently not doing fine.
Chest pain comes a lot more frequent than it used to. Not sure why. There are times that I'm struggling to breath.

Perhaps I'm just not really good at handling my own pressure. Yes, I'm really bad at it. Once I get so stressed out, it's hard for me to control everything. My emotions, my feelings. Having hard times to even talk to people, to meet and see my own friends.

Those moments when all I want is to cry but nothing comes out of my eyes are now here. I'm chocked. The main cause of my chest pain now, I guess.

Do I really have to go through this alone?
Yes. Because everyone is so busy with their own business. I have to handle mine really well, by my own.

So, chin up dear self. Don't drag people around you along to face what you're facing right now.
Be your own hero.

Even if you are going to tell them what happened, they will never understand you. They will just judge you. All that is gonna left for you are judgments and sympathy. You don't need those two things in your life. Be independent.  

Really wish that everyone could just send me their prayers.

But after all, I guess, I need to overcome this myself.

And to you guys out there, having some difficulties in your life. Stay strong.