Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Be always close to our Creator

Assalamualaikum. I suddenly feel like posting something new on my deserted blog (boleh eh?) whilst a part of me be like "esh malas nya nak taip!".

but since I have nothing to do at the moment, why don't I waste out my time blogging (supposedly this is my time "taking a nap" for at least 2 hours) but harremm how can I be as available to do nothing/everything vain as before since I had already living a new life in the term of "Life Campus" *cehhh taknak kalah ayat.

 So talking about the title above, nowadays I kinda had a rough-tough-super-duper-hard time here, with my own thoughts and feelings. I don't know what is so bothering, what makes my mind feel miserable so much till I barely focus on my studies and I feel like kind of lost, my mind is elsewhere anyways. what more when i have no Ibu around plus friends who used to have their all ears for me are miles away (hm jauhnya). and i hardly telling others about how I feel, I keep it to myself...

 But then, I forgot I have HIM who would always listen to what I'm gonna say, to all my messy minds. Allah, I thank to You to every feels you caused me because at the end of the day, You know I'll always turn to you and please keep me in the right path towards You. Ameen.

 now, I left you my readers (cehhh) with the cutest song I ever listened to.
And this Julien Drolon I once met him at the KL International Hijab Fest. dia hensem giler! I ship him and Heliza a lot but what to do, he loves his wife more. kesian kak ija ;P