Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Study Leave


so, the study leave has just began! actually, there should be no "study leave" in the first place. if only it happen to have, perhaps, it just about a day or less than a day (dayless of study leave! ;P) but since the 'aidul adha is coming very soon, the day of study leave pun extended yeay!

and whats more interesting, right now, the moment i post this new update, i iz at home bebeh! how great i feel (updating my blog with my new laptop in my home for the first time! banzai!) xD

well, i only have a few days to study for my upcoming papers; islam and other religion, and business studies. hmmm i wish to have more days here. but since my very first sem is coming to an end. i can say that i have a very positive link which i can relate to the eagerness to study hard and smart! (ameen) :P

so, wish me luck! have a great days ahead peeps! <3