Saturday, January 24, 2015

Howdy do?


Apa khabar semua? Saya sihat. hihi

So, to blogging is gonna be quite difficult for me due to the slow-internet-connection at my new mahallah. I don't know why. But it's okay then. Could it be a friendly warning for me of not being too attached (for almost 24/7) on the social networks? Of course kan! yeahhh

My first week of sem 3 was fine. I love everything in the first week but the add/drop session. Ugh, can't believe that i'd actually have to do the add/drop. Seriously, it sucks. Though i didn't really got to feel the unwanted/torturous/agonize-feeling of doing the add/drop in the time of which is so crowded, busy and too loud. Because the add/drop session was available for 3 days and i did the session on the second day, most students already settled down their add/drop session. But still, it so exhausting. Of course. The thing that i don't even planning to do ever since the first day i'm in the cfs. But due to the too-little-credit hrs i had, i really have to do  the add session. Well, at least. I did add one subject.

Enough for me.

And for the business that i currently running in, i have just another commitment. It's not that hard because i have people that are willing to help me out. As i said on the last update, i have my business partner which is my own aunty, my family member and even the rest of my family (some of my aunts) are giving their best to help me out related to my business.

Overall, things are getting tougher. I somehow don't really know how to make the best out of the times i had. Perhaps, i really bad at multitasking things and stuff. But heyyy, it just a beginning. Human beings need times, and you know, i'm a human being, just like you. ahaks!

I actually have a lot to say, but i just can't help it. Mengantuk giler!

Ok bye!