Monday, January 12, 2015

Hi! How about an intro?

Asslamu'alaykum~ hui hui! ahaks  a new way for an opening? ;p

So i don't really know how or where to start but i actually have started talking about my small business on my latest updates. Yeah baby, that DeenFleur. You can find us on fb, type je DeenFleur, i'm sure it's one in a million luls, if not, let me know please ya? as well as on instagram. Just search DeenFleur, insyaAllah ada. Like and follow us will ya? ihiks.

This year, i'm just thinking about to start pursuing my dream. I know la it's not that easy and some people even quite sceptical because, can you imagine how a (still 18 y/o) girl yg still in foundation starting doing business for real? But serious laaa of course i have a partner. How can i go starting even a small business by myself? Yes, my partner is my own makcik or mak sedara (a mom to two kids) of course kena mention about that! ahaksss!

Having to tell about how this thing did actually across my mind is i don't know, it just somehow all of a sudden i'm thinking that "i really need to start a small business" and i said that to my aunt and she did say the same thing and we, right after that, we started.

Terus order label for our brand from this one instagram (onthestreetbygf). Because we thought that, with label or with having our own "brand name" is actually the thing that encourage us the most. And we just go on with that.

Without me thinking about how or why or when or who or where about my own condition, you know, as a student. Really a new student. Macam freshie lah kira sebab baru setahun lebih tinggalkan zaman sekolah. Hmmm tough...

But still, i'll try my very best. Because my so-called new resolution is to be an expert in multitasking. Wuuu big dream for myself! alaaa i'm a big big girl in a big big world it's not a big big thing if you leave me~ haha!

And you know what the toughest thing? It is because i'm not an individual yg instafemes or twitfemes or blogger femes or everything with 'famous' at the end.

Say what? It's not even a problem? I actually once think the same way before.

But then i just heard about it from some people. yeah~ it's a problem actually when it comes about things related to business and stuff.

But no i don't want to talk anything about that. I think you knew it well.
I'll just have to try my best kan?

Penat harini like wanna cry huwaaa! (i'm a girl, remember?). Tetibe.

Oh did i not explain about DeenFleur? I didn't did i? How about next update?
Or you can easily like DeenFleur on FB and follow DeenFleur on instagram. Thank you in advance babies! heee byes~!

Oh ya, Introducing our basic materials: heavy dull satin and moss crepe for skirts and many for shawls!

It might be starting fully online on February. 
Oh we will also be a part of Jumbo Sales in Kolej Matrikulasi  Melaka. There will be discount for early birds! 

All you further visit will be much in our thoughts and million thanks in advance to you!
Take care!

Assalamu'alaykum and bye again~ heee!