Monday, September 28, 2015

Of the 19th birthday of mine.


Finally. It's 28th of September and I'm officially 19. I can't believe it homagaahhhh~ how time flies!

Well supposed to be something really meaningful for this post as it is my 19th birthday and should a lot of things happened at least for the whole day because things happened during days are much better than nights. But...I guess it just really nothing happened for the whole day. hurm. I know my life is wonderful, it just that the most wonderful things yet to happen on my birthday huh? But it's okay, things will go much better soon. (Zatys being sooo unnecessarily positive ohoks).

So, what did I do for the whole day of 28th of September 2015? ehem here I go!

So I woke up for fajr prayer and "accidentally" had fallen asleep after performing subh (hah gotta change since I'm getting much older and surely gonna die soon enough!) hiks I know you gonna think as such. And then I woke up againnn around 10 am (early enough to be your mommy's daughter in law? jkjk) and was quite snap and mad and upset with myself for not celebrating my own birthday early in the moring, why did I slept again? why did nobody would be there to wake me up? why? and oh it's my birthday! gotta wake up immediately and taking bath and putting clothes on and make up and getting all ready for an out and a celebration. yeah~ there you go girl! And just then I realized that I was in a deep sleep thinking about celebrating my birthday, while I'm still in a deep deep deep sleep homagaahhhh and finally, I woke up! real one! around 10.15 am. hah! Please do understand what I was trying to tell you peeps.

Then I wake my mom up, and yeah we all got ready and then, time to go! I drove my mom's car and mom of course stay with me lah. Who else I'm gonna celebrate my birthday with? If not with the one who gave birth to me? eh? wtv. And as we don't really have much time left, sebab bangun awal sangat kan(?) *sarcasm* sooo we were just heading to BP Mall. Well that is the best and nearest place we could ever say, for the time being, yea. And all I want is just to eat sushi and sashimi! Mom pon agreed with me so we went to sushi king, for a breakfast and lunch at 12++ pm. kah!

Right after that, we walked around BP Mall aimlessly, looking for the things, I'm not really sure what are they because everything looked so boring to me as well to mom. and yeah. I don't really have the idea why would my birthday be this boring. it's okay. hah. Then I decided to look for my thingy things in Guardian and there I bought something yeaayyy finally. Then we stop by the Living Cabin looking for the cool things and just staring at them for few seconds and continue to the Reject Shop yeay! Almost forgot that I got the member card and as it is my birthday and shall I get 20% for shopping in Reject Shop so yeaaa shopping! New clothes on my birthday worth better than the other day. Yea I did bought some new clothes and how satisfied! yet, didn't really fit on me. yea gotta start my diet and fitness routine soon enough T_T

uuuuuu sooooo gooooood! love salmon so much!
And finally, we decided to just go back home. We got nowhere to go. At least, we lived in a quite small town, so, went to a mall is just quite enough for a birthday girl. (i am getting more positive i know right! kah!)

Coming back home and mom cooked Nasi Hujan Jerebu for dinner (not jerebu actually. it is nasi hujan panas. but as it's kind of a rainy day with haze freakingly thick and it doesn't seem to get any better within another 2 days, so mom decided to just give it a new nonsense name which is Nasi Hujan Jerebu. hah my mom so funny) and it is sooo delicious! rosak diet aku.

mom's cooking! nasi hujan jerebu versi ibu. so sedap!
And yea. Let's just call it a day because I don't really have interesting things to tell you. yea I know this is so damn boring but hey congratulations that you've read it till the end of the page! yeayyy *applause!


And oh! BP Mall already got SASA mehhh yeayyy! Waiting for SEPHORA ngeeee~!

here the first selfies on my 19th year of living the life! hah bear with it