Saturday, October 03, 2015

New Header!


yeayyy! Got a new header! If you ever view my blog (this blog) before. Then you know that the current header is a brand new header yeayyy. But if you hadn't ever view this blog, then,

this was my header.

That header is transparent anyway. Should you can't see coloured background for that header tho, but I have no idea why somehow it does show a bakground in grey alike colour when I actually put it there as a header. whatever. What past is past. hiks.

You know I am soooooo bored! I have no idea what should I do during this holiday seriously. I've got a really long holiday. For about 3 months I guess. But at the moment, it just the second week of my holiday and got another 2 months and few weeks of staying at home thinking what should I do? What kind of productivity should I do? God, I have no idea seriously!

So today, I just think of changing a new header. Can't remember when was the last time I changed header but I'm getting bored into it. So here the new header for my blog yeayuyyyy.

Actually, the picture below was supposed to be my header, that I made today, before that current real header I have. But somehow it seems not fit and sooo not suit for my blog as you can see the background of my blog is blue-grey alike and this header it totally the blue sky and white color.  So I don't find it suit for my blog. Totally a mess if I put there as a header. And I am sooo lazy to change another new background. I just love it how it looks now!

a little bit cliche' but I guess a title or a nickname followed by a quote is quite...cute! teehee~!

So, what do you think about my new header? (that cup of teaversion).
I know it's a lil' bit kind of funny. Because, "well, let's have a cup of tea" (?) Well, I don't really sure is that picture shows either coffee or tea? But I choose tea over coffee. What is that for? Perhaps some of you, peeps, don't really like tea (or coffee) or perhaps hate it or allergy to it. But, what I meant by that words or you can say as a quote is that, not for really have a cup of tea (or coffee) while reading my blog, definitely not. It just that, you know, just chill, have a chill, some relax minds while reading blog although I know my blog is so full of nonsense stuffs and whatever stuffs. But heyyy chill! teehee~! Because tea is a symbol of calmness, tranquility and chill, for me.

Well, I really hope you guys have a chill right now, while reading my blog. heee i have to mention that anyway. :P

And perhaps some of you found that it is kind of weird because that header, the name on that header (Gerbera Elm) is definitely different with my url (deenfleur). What is the relation? Well, they don't relate to one another anyway haha! Deenfleur is the name created by me, so does Gerbera Elm. But they don't mean the same. yeah too lazy to explain their meaning. teehee. But don't worry, if you typed "" , you are genuinely in a right place! :D

Until then!