Sunday, November 22, 2015

Quick update // New header (again!)

I can't help but being so excited to create a new header again! maybe sebab dah boring sangat kot. lol.

Was doing a little looking and research through google about where can I get the best header for blog. Still haven't found the best one but yeah, I just found the site where I can create my mown header creatively yeay! hekhekkk. entah entah aku je yg baru jumpa, everybody's already knew it. 'cause I have a very less time for social network, so. yeah, at least I've found one now.

It is PicMonkey ya people! So I love this one, it just fine with my liking. Better than any other webs I have tried on before. Because why? PicMonkey got the damngreatcutepretty fonts! So, that what makes creating a header for blog more interesting. hehe!

okbye peeps assalamu'alaykum!