Sunday, November 22, 2015

Being A Blogger


So awhile ago, I was just thinking about what am I right now, what I am doing or what I've been doing and how good my life has been so far. I don't know. It just a common random thought that I think, not just me, all people around the world would have it at least once or twice in their lifetime. And somehow, 'blogging' and stuffs came through my mind and remind about my blog. About this blog. I am not sure how old my blog is now, because this is not my first blog, actually. This blog is about the 4th or 5th or 6th blog of mine I guess, I don't know. I even have so many previous posts that I've deleted on this blog due to some unknown reasons. And I don't even really remember my gmail password ahah!

I've been blogging since 13, yeah, I guess. 13. I'm sure about it. ok. So, back then, when I was 13, when I am started do the blogging, you know, I don't even know the reason why, the point why should I create the blog and why did I create the blog. I only did it because, it's a trend, I guess back then. A brand new trend that people always look up to. The trend that people have been doing to compete each other, to gain followers, or to be well-known by the world, or being a public figure. I'm not saying that all people do blogging because of such reasons, no hate ok, but I guess there are that kind of people. Because I was do the blog to be known, honestly. Wanted to be known at least among 1000 people or strangers. As far as I remember, I did think about being a serious blogger, gain so many followers and all. I even had few friends that I got from blogging, the blogger friends I should say. I even thought of making the blogging as a job or at least a business like some people do.

There were times when suddenly my fb chat is popped out from people I don't even know who they are. I received good comments and saying by some of my followers. But I also got some bad words by some people. Well, at least I knew and I'm ready of what people would say. But somehow I'm just not really into it. I just don't care.

And now, I even hide my follower list. And as far as I know, my blog now doesn't even have that follow button. am I right? Since then, people, I haven't been receive any strangers' hello or 'hey you are that girl on blabla blog aite?'. Yeah, and I'm totally okay with it.

Well, things has completely changed. What I want right now is definitely different with what I wanted. I do the blog because I just feel like I want to. You can tell I don't really consider this blog as a serious business anymore. Because sometimes there are some random things that I wanted to talk about and sometimes I just write about my thought, expressing my ideas about the things that going on in our life. For me, if people happen to read, and they want to read, about what I am writing, go on. Enjoy it or just have it. Even so in case nobody would read what I'm writing, nobody cares, nobody really into it, then, I just fine. I don't feel anything. I don't really expect anything when I decided to just continue blogging.

I'm glad how blog has brought some new friends that still stick being friends till now. But to gain more contacts or to be known by blogging, that is definitely not I wanted, anymore. Well I do need friends. But not by this kind of thing. Might be through a lot of things in the future.

So, about being blogger... I don't actually labeling myself as a blogger. Because as far as I'm concerned, that term Blogger can only be used to someone that is well-known, or if they aren't really a popular person, at least they do the blog and taking the blog seriously as a serious thing. yeah, that's what I think about being a Blogger. Because I'm not doing this seriously, I just blogging when I feel I want to or when I feel I need to (due to boredom and all).

Footnote: Sorry for my damn bad grammar. So many grammar errors, I know. I just can't help. I'm not really good at English. Still in the learning process. So, yeah. Bye peeps.