Monday, November 30, 2015

Work, work and work!


Yeahhh so after about few months being a lazy bum. Finally, I'm back to work! Just about a couple months to go before I embark into the new world, that is Degree World! in  IIUM Gombak, insyaAllah. heee really can't wait for the day to come! to I finally can call myself as a degree student. Being home is nice and great! But staying at home 24/7 30days/month is really a worst idea. Nahhh, I do go out sometimes. But 90% of my life after finished my foundation level, is actually staying home doing nothing. I can die of boredom!

But well, I just remember that I actually gotta do something (a lot of things, actually). yeah, my DeenFleur!

We will do a comeback ya people! InsyaAllah we will start with Ukhwah Fashion Showcase on this 30th of Dec 2015, will be held at Ruang Event Space, Shah Alam. Yeah, we can't wait for it!

But before that, of course there are lotsa things to be done. So, my work and hectic days is started! Gonna do our best to serve the best for you insyaAllah. We just need all the du'as from you people and a really sweet-heartwarming support from everyone. :') Do support our products. Wait for it yeah!

May all the good thoughts and du'as returned!

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I'd love to write longer this time. But the times and all those awaited works won't allow me to do so. :')) until then. xoxo