Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Daily Routine

So, I have about one month left before I embark to a new beginning, a new journey as a student of bachelor degree. I am yet to know what major I would get, that I would be studying, but, yeah let's just wait for it.

I started to think that I've spent my days, my holidays, doing absolutely nothing. It's exhausting actually, So, I just think that, I need to change. I need to change everything about my daily routine. So, the reason why I blogged this post is because I just need to have sort of a startup, because having a startup is definitely something a person, like me, need the most in order to do something beneficial. It kind of the thing that would kick me and force me to do something. Well, that was just my two cents. So, yeah ;p

And here's what I planned to do for my daily routine. Hope it'll goes as what I planned. Please, pray for me.

I need to perform the qiyam. Really hope I have the strength and willingness to do it! And stay awake until fajr prayer. Yeah, as a muslim, this is the best thing to start with. That, I was, shamefully never really care about. yeah, shame on me.

and then...

-make sure to have 2 cups of plain water after fajr prayer
-have a cup of teatox
-have a breeze morning walk or jogging (kalau i rajin) and some exercises, a simple workout
-have breakfast! 8.30 a.m at the earliest and 9.30 a.m at the latest!
-do some chores like laundry, doing dishes, or sapu sampah or buang sampah
-helping mom cooking for lunch
-have lunch with my little family
-perform zuhr prayer
-working out
-perform 'asr prayer
-have some sweet tea time
-perform maghrib prayer
-make sure to recite at least 1 page of the qur'an
-have a really simple dinner
-perform isya' prayer
-doing anything (that I can think of in the meantime)
-go to bed! (11 p.m at the earliest and 12.30 a.m at the latest)

So, those are the things that I am gonna do for my daily routine. Well it doesn't really have to be exactly what I'm gonna do at the exact time as what I've plan. Because, for sure, there are some works relating to my business that I have to do everyday. So, it just as how I plan and really hope everything will goes perfectly as how I expected it would be.

And I'm sure gonna update of what this new daily routine can do wonders to myself. Until then!

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