Thursday, December 31, 2015

Of 2015


So, the title is quite  cheesy and cliche. I knew it :p But then, it doesn't matter what the title supposed to be. The one thing that matter the most, and nearly have always been important is, the contents, the things about what I would love to talk about.

So, tomorrow gonna be the new day, the brand new start to everyone. It's gonna be 2016! I don't know how to say this, but this feeling, it is so unexplainable, I really have no idea how to put all this feelings into words. It's like I'm really running out of words, of the words that really matter to be expressed.

2015 has been a year of, I don't know, a lot of things happened, whether I like or not, they just happened. I've learnt so much, more than the days of 2015, or the hours through the year. I've laughed so hard, I've cried, I've been worried, I've felt the anxiety, the embarrassment, the everything. They are all sometimes mixed and happened just in one day. Surpisingly, I can remember some of the moments that brought me those feelings, it's just like yesterday

If only I had the time, I would write everything into one book. The book of 2015. Where I've learnt most of everything that I need throughout my life journey. To some people, some things that I've learnt might be the smallest thing to be cared of. But to me, big or small, more or less, we just have to learn about it. Everything has started ever since before I am ready for it. Well, sometimes I do expect or getting ready of some things, but, most of the things happened just definitely beyond my expectation.

In 2015, I am a daughter (as ever), I am a sister (as ever), I am a friend, I am a student, I am, sometimes as mom (to my baby cousins), I am a businessgirl (at deenfleurhijab), I am a poet (just in a certain ways and time), I am, whatever you've called me or whatever you've think of me, but no, I ain't that girl you always had in mind. Because I'm just me. Living everyday, and hoping that I have and will always gonna have tomorrow while sometimes, I hope I'd forgot yesterday and sometimes I hope I won't.

I don't expect much from 2016 that will be around just in a few hours to be as how 2015 went. I just wanna live everyday happily without having to regret for what I've done, because I used to be the one that, pathetically, always regret everything that I've done or that happened to me.

For the last words of 2015, THANK YOU should've be enough, for everything.

And may all of us can be much better than we were through this memorable 2015.

Until then.

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