Friday, January 01, 2016

Ukhwah Fashion Showcase 2015

Alhamdulillah, on 30th of December 2015, me and my team (DeenFleur Hijab) joined a fashion show organised by AzilaAziz (you can find her on FB). It is Ukhwah Fashion Showcase. To be honest, this is the first fashion show I ever attend in my whole life. Well, the first and only reason we have decided to join this show was because, experience is one crucial thing that we need the most. We need the experience, and Alhamdulillah, the good people and great event were definitely a "bonus" to us. The organiser, Kak Zila deserved the thumbs up and salutations from us!

Of course there were some problems occured, but hey! what's experience for without any mistakes!

Now, let's just enjoy some photos taken by our photographer.

Our makeup was done by Victoria Jackson, because it's free! But well, I don't really like the heavy makeup. But it's okay! It just for one night tho T_T

Spot the DeenFleur HIjab!

That was me talking about our DeenFleur Hijab. Well, just a little thing. But I love how I felt that night and how precious the experience are!

So for some reasons and problems, the models didn't wear our products. But hey, on the bright side is, the organiser of this event herself was happily donning our new collection, Fishtail by DF. Thanks Kak Azila! Really appreciate your willingness!

Now, our non-smiled face. ugh. Fret not, we were just fine by the moment!

Definitely the ones that have always been so important in my life and in DeenFleur Hijab! Love them, my aunties!

Yeay! There is DeenFleur Hijab.
Actually, there more and more photos of the night. But I just had a little time now to upload and select everything. We had so much fun! And there are a lot of vendors with great masterpieces! All products are just good! For more photos, you can see on AzilaAziz FB Page

Thank you everyone!