Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hijab and Changes


It's always a pleasure to write on blog again! I mean, I have no better place to write on things that I would really love to talk about and is re-readable in the future. Because I'm a girl with a bad handwriting, I'm so serious lah mannn.

Such a bad and ugly handwriting will automatically turns my excitation to write into a "i have to stop writing now" mode. So, that is no good. While I really need somewhere, a platform where I can write the things that happened or my own thoughts that came across my mind which I really wish to not forget. Which I feel like I need this thing in the future. So, here is where I pour my hearts and minds to.

I started blogging since I was 13. And trust me, I used to have more than 5 blogs before. Back then, when I was 13, when I was still a so-called a kid or a teenager which is going through a phase of growing up and wanted to discover as many things as I can. I used to write whatever I wanted on my blog. As far as I can remember, I didn't even filter what I've wrote. I mean, I just wrote it the way I wanted. I told almost everything that happened in my daily life. I've said the things I shouldn't sometimes. I expressed my feelings about people on my blog, about the things that I like or hate about them, everything have been written on my previous blogs. Well, I've deleted all of my previous blogs hoping no one will remember about the things I've said and wrote (bcs I used to have few of loyal followers back then if I could say ;P)

But things have gotten a lot different as I growing up. I learnt about things that I should or should not tell people in real life as well as I learnt how important it is to know the limitations of the things I would love to share or would like to write on my blog, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.
Thanks God, He showed me the way I should take into account about the things around me.

Now, back to the topic, hijab and changes. Basically I just wanted to share how Hijab really change my life.

I started to wear a proper hijab since I was 16, I guess. Covering the areas that really need to be covered. I have to admit that I was not a full-timer as a hijabi back then as there are few times that I don't wear hijab when I'm in the presence of the males who are not my immediate family like my male cousins or my aunts' husbands. (And I'm still struggling to wear a proper attire and be a full-timer as a hijabi until now.) Before that, I can say that I only wear a proper hijab and a proper muslimah attire when I was at school. But I used to disagree to wear a proper attire outside of the school like a looser dress or a longer tudung or shawl because it kind of burdening. For me, it was a burden. But Alhamdulillah, somehow, I can't remember when did I decided to don a longer and looser dress. I ended up to be used to it until now. I'm not comfortable anymore to be in a tight dress.

Then I started to think, what was the reasons and what is the significance to wear hijab? I mean, yeah, that is what Allah has command to us, as Muslim, to really cover our 'aurah regardless the gender. That is when I started to see hijab as not only a tudung or shawl, for women, neither as a songkok or any kind of dress that covers the part starting the area around the navel up to the knees specifically for men.

Hijab means something else. Not just what we are wearing.

I learnt that hijab is the way we show ourselves to the world. How we supposed to represent Islam. Not to brag. But to preach. To do dakwah. You know that one of the things that people can tell if you're a muslim or not is by what you are wearing. I'm talking about the first impression. Everyone has their own first impressions on things. So it's normal that people can judge you by the way you dress.

Really, Hijab is not just about what you are wearing. It is also what you do and say. It is the way you walk, talk, look and think. It is about who you are and the way you express your way of life. That is hijab. That is why Allah has command us to wear hijab and that is one of the significance to wear hijab and to cover your aurah properly.

With hijab, I learn to control myself on the way I should act publicly. I learn about the things I should say, write and share whether in real life or in the social media. I learn to think as muslim. It doesn't feel good when I know that I'm wearing hijab but still think about the bad thoughts on things or people around me.

With Hijab, I learn to change myself to be a better muslim. And I learn to change the way I write and share about things on social media.

That is our obligation. I love a quote by Fatma Pasha in 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropah saying that with hijab on, she's obliged to show the world what Islam is. She's obliged to act, talk and think as how a muslim should be. Islam is peace. That is how we should represent ourselves.

From the smallest matter to the bigger issues. I know that Islamophobia now has spread so widely and people with this phobia often judge by the attire that one is wearing.

I believe that it is one of our biggest tasks a muslim. To show the world that with Hijab on, regardless you are a muslim or muslimah, you have to act like one. You have to think and talk like a true muslim. That's the only way to change what people think about you. Making sure it's a good change and with even our slightest effort to change to be a better muslim in order to help the Deen of Allah, that is Islam, insyaAllah, Allah will help us too.

Let's be a better muslim!

May peace be upon you.