Sunday, July 31, 2016

Giving Up on Life

This is gonna be my last update on my blog. I'm gonna go. You're not gonna see me after this.

I'm gonna buy a lot of anti-depressant pills or any kind of pills I could easily get. I'm gonna eat all those pills, all at one time, until I couldn't catch my own last breath.


I'm gonna take a sharpened knife and cut my hands off. Let the bleeding take all over my body. Let the blood dry and finally, let me run out of bloods and, die. You're not gonna see me again.


Those are some thoughts of some people who wished to end their life by their own selves. So tragic huh?

Have you ever think if those thoughts are your beloved ones'? Have you ever imagine if your family or even your friends were going to do some stupid stuffs just to end their lives in silence? What would you do if you could read a suicidal person's thoughts?

Often I think, those who have commit suicide were so stupid to do such things. I mean, what were they think? Didn't they think about what would happen to those who loved them? Their parents, their lovers, their friends. They are all the ones who were left behind, misery. It is unfair. To end your life and pass those misery on to the ones who are still alive.

But then again, even those who have commit suicide must've never willing to do that in the first place. They must've think about committing suicide for at least 50 times before they were really do that. There must be some issues to finally made them decided to do as such.

Poor souls, too late we never knew what they've been through.

Have you seen someone who smiled, but with a just-finish-crying face? Their eyes a little bit puffy, their cheeks and nose are red, but we all know that they weren't red because of the cold neither hot weather. They are red because the sadness they've kept since. How about those tearful eyes? Have you seen it before?

Before they feel like the world is nothing but a burden to them, why don't we try to figure out about what we can do? I know, there aren't many things we can do. We can just hold them, hug them and tell them that it's alright, it's gonna be fine. That's the least we can do I think.

Giving up on life is definitely a serious matter one could ever think of. You know, life itself is already hard. Sometimes it could be a burden. And thinking about end one's own lives, it's one big burden. To think between continuing life and to continue face the difficulties in life or to end life but with a heavy heart because you know, there are actually many things one could do to put the smile back on face.

Whoever you are out there. No matter what religion you are, even if you are an atheist. Just have faith. Have faith in your God/gods. Have faith in yourself. You can handle this. This is not a big deal. Say to those difficulties or misery that they got nothing on you. Your life are more beautiful compared to those things that made you want to end your life now. There are still a lot to discover. Life is beautiful, though it is hard.

In my religion, Islam, we were taught to not even hurt ourselves. We were forbidden to cut off our own hands or to swallow pills all at one time. We are prohibited to commit suicide. And there are a lot of wisdom behind these commandments.

And to you, who encounter those people who wished to commit suicide. Never leave them alone. They need you. They need you when there was nobody beside them but you. They need you the most.

Well, you can't really save people. But you can always love them. And that would literally save them.