Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Dream

Now, how can I work on this?

Last night I had a dream. A sad dream. A dream where I was crying and was really feel the deep pain inside. I dreamt of you.

I have no idea. Was it because I was thinking too much, overthink, since these past few days or was the dream happened just because.

And yeah, I woke up feeling sad, had a terribly teary eyes. I cried.

I need to stop.

I need to stop thinking about you. I need to stop letting those memories come across my mind again. Or even sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks. I need to stop living in the past. I need to stop cry thinking about what we used to be. I need to stop thinking about "what if(s)". I need to stop missing you. I just need to stop.

In just a few days, you're going to be somebody's important person in life. You're going to be somebody's prince charming. You're going to be someone's husband.


I need to forget every single things about you.

I need to move on.

Now it's about the time. It's time to move on dear self.

Ety, keep your chin up. You're not a weak girl neither you are a loser. Don't be such a fool dear self. Stop hurting your own soul.

To the new me. Until then.