Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Heart is Opening

This happened frequently that some of my friends whatsapp me asking about some things regarding my last tweets. Too frequent that even this small matter really is bothering me. Right now.

You know sometimes, I don't even realize about my own tweets. Because I am someone who really tweet randomly. When I was mad, I am tweeting about what's made me mad, when I was sad or unhappy, my tweets will go about all sentimental, melancholic and emotional things and when I am so happy, well, I sometimes laughing and tweeting. So one thing doesn't necessarily means about the whole things, you know what I mean? I mean, I can be sad by now and you can see that I am sad through my tweets. But then after about 2 minutes, I am actually laughing my lungs out, and totally forget about the things that made me sad.

So I am really sorry if my tweets is a big deal enough for you to really care about me. Really. I am sorry and thankful for your concerns. 

It's been years, since I broke up with someone whom I thought would be my one and only prince. (ugh gross). And oh, he's going to get married in a few days time. :)

I know, sometimes, I let the memories takeover my feelings, my emotions and even my tweets. How silly. I should've already stop tweeting my feelings out, I guess, it's not even worth a read. It is so hard to move on when your hopes were too high, and you just wanted everything that you wished for become reality. I am overwhelmed by those thoughts of mine. I'm sorry again. 

Someone said that I should give myself more chances to be happy, I should open up my heart and see the wisdom behind of what happened. I know. That's what I've been doing since these past few years. Once I love, you know, I'm gonna love so hard. I even let myself getting hurt so easily. So I am the one who supposed to be blame in the first place.


It's been years already. Time to really get rid of those memories. Bad and good memories. Time to really focus on my own happiness. It's been 3 years since he has cheated on me. I'm hoping you to not do the same thing to your loved one like what you've done to me. Don't let your devils confiscate other people's happiness. Especially women.

There I go. 

I will try my best to stop tweeting about my own feelings or let my emotions takeover others' wonderful days just to whatsapp me asking about what's going on. I'll be more careful after this. I'll behave myself. I promise. Thanks again for all your concerns, friends.

Until next time. xoxo