Monday, July 25, 2016

2 days of (arghhh I had so much fun! I taknak move on!)

So when I was looking at the calendar few weeks ago after Kucai told me about raya trip in Selatan that they were planning to do this year, I was like "oh no man, it gonna be so pack i don't think i can even join the trip."

But you know I can't just hold myself from being together with the lovely people. yea, mereka sangat lovely okay. So okay, I thought a 2-days trip won't hurt my works and everything. And I decided to join the trip then.

And that's how my title on this time blogpost was working. Really had an amazing trip with the crazily fun people!

You know, laughing so hard in the car with my teammates (#teammawar), and a few minutes of silent moments, and then laugh again so hard that I hurt my belly, but all I do was laughing my lungs out because man I am personally not a talkative person but I do laugh easily at almost everything (#mudahterhibur). We also set up our own concert in the car as my radio wasn't working so well, ugh. But thanks for that I now can finally see the true colors of my team mawar (amy, ja, kak ika and kak sarin). I love laughing, so I am so greatly in love with those people who make me laugh! And I learnt about the new things like bahasa ja and many more. Not necessarily benda yg berfaedah but it was the fun things to learn about! xD Not to mention about all other gossips and jemah things. ahhh so much good things to be remembered XD

We went for 6 houses for each day. And. That. Was. Really. So. Much. Exhausting. Already. With the people who made me laugh like all the time.

God, why did I just mention about laughing from the start? xD

But 2 days with them, I can finally understand how'd they get along together so well, their bonding are so great and they do really care about each other. This is how they can really work together so well and that's what made them a really good team. Proudly say that I'm honored to be a part of this family :') Thanks God, you sent me these people for the good things. :''))

And as I had so much things to do now, I have to stop typing right away huwaaa don't wanna throw this raya mode I just wanna laugh with them!

p/s to Daus: terima kasih sembunyi kan selipar aku. bila pula nak sembunyikan hati aku? hiks