Friday, July 22, 2016

Sponsor Week 1.0

So these past few days I've been in KL staying at Makteh's home and shuttling home to IIUM, IIUM to home everyday for 4 days long. You say it's only for 4 days but I am really not going to work around KL after graduated because it's really a hassle. Waking up early morning, getting ready and driving just to face the back-to-back jammed. I have no idea how'd you guys working on this. Salute!

So today, while I'm wasting my time before going back to kampung, was thinking to update something on my blog. Oh how I miss you Ms. Gerbera Elm! ;p

Because the next 2 days is going to be a time for beraya with fellow akhians so let's not talk about that first.

What happened along this week was totally taught me a lot of things. I'm now in sponsor central team for this year's IIUM Convention Fiesta or we call it CONVEST. It'll be quite a big and important day for those who gonna be graduating this year. Dear my seniors! I'm in this team for you guys teheee~

It was quite lotsa things to do but with the great team, which I'm able to get along so well with is sooo fun, meeting everyday was fun, night meeting time was exciting and working days are just great! I'm not exaggerating things but really they're so fine! We've a good and nice head and asst. head who really taking care of us well and guide us through all the what-to-do and stuffs.

The first 2 days, Monday and Tuesday are meeting days. and you know what happened the first day? of course you didn't know and even if you don't want to know I don't care I'm just going to 'story' here anyways lol.

On Monday, I was waking up sooo early, taking shower and getting ready and started to drive to IIUM because I thought the meeting was at 9.15AM. Then I arrived at IIUM just to know that meeting was actually to be started at 9.15PM. I REPEAT, IT WAS ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE ON PM THAT MEANS ON THE EVENING AND NOT MORNING. God, I've already faced the jammed and stuff and arriving at the destination knowing that I was actually at the exactly wrong time! It hurts I didn't lie.

Thanks God, I have few friends on their short semester that I can stay with along the day. But it was like 12 hours before the meeting imagine how sleepy I am by that time?! And mom and dad were in KL as well for some matters in the embassy of Singapore. And they were here in KL just for a day. I thought that if I were to go back home in sg. besi before the meeting just to see my parents before they're going back to Johor would be a relief because what better way to soothe your heart than to look at your parents' face but mayyynnn I really did that and when I'm home, they're already went back to Johor. This is unfair to my Monday. I never really had a Monday blues because I believe that everyday is just the same and we have to treat our Mondays as how we treat the weekends. But not this time. I was really going to cry you know.

But that's okay, I was just staying home until Maghrib and drove back to IIUM, again, and thanks God, the traffic was not really bad. When I arrived at the SRC Office just to hear some fellows making fun of me for the wrong time incident, it's okay tho', I love sarcasms X'D Meeting went a bit long because it's already night and the duration from IIUM to home take about half an hour and I was really have to drive alone. Dad would've ask me to just stay in the office if he knows I was drive alone at night.

The next day meeting went just okay. No heavy traffic I have to face. The meeting was both on day and night.

The next day, which is Wednesday was the really working day. Where we have to send mails and making calls and listing down all companies and do some reports and stuffs. It was just fine but somehow, I was just too tired. Maybe because for being on the road for quite a lot in a day. And oh it was our first Money Call day! It was great because we have the great head and asst. head and some helpful teammates! Also the cute EM for Convest, omg I have a little crush on him ;p but let's not make me start on that anyways haha!

Thursday was our second Money Call day. Well we actually have a lot of backup plans because of some unresolved matters. Well, some other teams really have to be helpful also sometimes please, can ya?

And on the Thursday night we just decided to not do any meetings or working hours because we already had our long 4 days hiks! So we decided to finally have our dinner together. And I was really thankful to them for introducing me all the good restaurants near IIUM because heyyy I'm the youngest among them, I'm only in my first year, first sem being a degree student and they really helped me out about a lot of things! Love them so much! <3 And I was a bit sorry for did not act like the youngest, I treat them all as how I treat my same age friends x'D

And that's all. We have to continue looking for sponsorships. And you know I currently have some issues on working alone. Seriously I need them for the damn good passion! huwaaa!

Until then!