Tuesday, May 02, 2017

To My Friends.

I am actually supposed to study for my hist1000 exam. But here, tonight, I just feel like writing something and yet I really have no idea what to blog about. So, guys. Again, this is where I get most of my fav posts from the FB Page: Open Letters That Matter.


To my besties, remember this when life hits you hard.

You mean the world to me. 
And I'm not trying to be cheesy or just saying this because I can. 
I'm saying it because I mean it.

You make every day so much brighter 
and I seriously have no idea how I dealt with life before you.

You have been in my life now for years 
and I couldn't thank you enough for loving me 
for who I am and always being here for me.

But I also want you to know
I am always here for you.

I want you to know that things will get hard in life
and at times you will feel alone.

You will want to give up and quit
because things are just so overwhelming but please don't.

Things will be okay,
and I will always be here for you when things get hard.

But I just want you to know you are an amazing woman
and I never want you to lose faith in yourself when things get hard.

Because you have such an amazing life ahead of you.
You have so much to accomplish
and you can't do those things if you give up.

Your future is going to be so bright
if you always remember what you can
and will overcome any hardship that may get in your way.

It may be tough right now,
but it will get better
and you will understand eventually why everything has happened
and how it has made your life better.

Life is a rollercoaster ride
and I understand that you may be worried to talk to me
about whats going on...

But I am here to help,
that's why we are best friends!
I never want you to feel alone
or lose faith in the journey you are going on.

So I hope you know,
that no matter what happens
you can always confide in me.