Saturday, June 10, 2017

Of a very long semester break


Second year, first semester. (checked!)

It was really one heck of a ride. But, wait. The result of final exams still not out yet. So, yeah. Let's not stop pray for the best ya everyone :)

Now what?

I have approximately 3 months of semester break. I decided to not register for the short semester, so yeah. Been thinking of what can I do or at least what that I supposed to do during this longgg holidayyy. There's a lot things that I kept in mind before the sem break even began. But somehow, I have forgotten most of them. Ety is so forgetful, ya everyone knows that. -_-"

What else can I do than to re-plan and re-organize everything that I should do. So, here I wrote to you (I actually wrote this to myself since it is in my blog, just for the sake of reminding myself because, ya, I am so forgetful) about the things that (just now) I am planning to do, until the next new semester begins.

Oh let's start with points because I am too lazy constructing words in paragraphs. nvm tho imma do this anyway.

  1. First thing that I want to do along this holiday, and in fact, I have just started to do it now is, to write more on my blog. Maybe not everyday, not even once in 3 days, but I will try my best to write once in a week at least. And I have a good feeling that I'll be writing more on blog. And of course, that would not be in vain. I will try to talk about things that matter, beneficial things and all. This is for two things; to motivate myself to read more (because for me, in order to write, I need to read), and to train myself being among those who is so productive in their daily lives. 
  2. I will start over, little by little, slowly but surely, focusing on my DeenFleur Hijab. I am planning to re-brand it. But still, everything is under construction. So I decided to not talk about this so much as of for now.
  3. I started to love cooking long ago. It just that I don't have so much times to do it and I kind of lazy to cook and all. But now, I am planning to do some lunchbox business and stuff. Before that, I need to train myself more.
  4. Also I will do a lot of sharings, through posters and quotes that I'll be creating myself. This is the thing that I am not so sure if I can do it or not. But yeah, let's just try your best, Ety!
  5. What else?
May those who have free times could make use of them as best as you can. Until then. :)