Friday, May 19, 2017

Why can't our parents understand us well?


so, last few months, i had a random heart-to-heart talk with ibu. talking about everything that happened, discussing about what should i do in the future and all. all about how we're gonna screw this life together. rocking the world as how we would want to.

and guess that, as usual. there will be lotsa things that we both would never agree to one another. when i want this, she would want me to do that. when i proposed to do that, ibu would say that ayah wouldn't like it and that he would prefer me to do this and this and that and this. tapi takde lah kitorang bertekam lidah ohhh nooo. hiks

but i really love it. to have that kind of conversations with ibu and ayah. we don't necessarily have to agree on everything, to one another. nothing is so necessarily goes smoothly between us. i mean, it's normal. because of the difference of the way we think, maybe faktor usia juga. and definitely because of, i am their daughter and they are my parents. i would say that i only see things that is best for me. and that might not be the same as what ibu and ayah think that is.

but as i said, i just love it. to know apa yang ibu and ayah fikir. to figure out apa yang ibu and ayah mahukan from their only daughter.

can't deny it that there are times when i really can't understand why they don't easily agree with me. kadang kadang geram. bila apa yang kita nak buat seolah olah disekat. i've been thinking, why can't our parents understand us well? what is so difficult about understanding your own kids?

just. why?

oh well.

kids, our parents, you really need to always remember this, whatever that seem is not right in their eyes, there will always be reasons behind it. you know, they know us well. i guess, they know us more than we know our own selves. they are the ones yang besarkan kita and they are the ones yang saksikan proses pembesaran kita dari kita lahir sampai kita dah besar. they have seen the changes. from how we behave, from how we react to their orders and all. they've seen them all. and whatever that makes them think as it is, there must be reasons why.

to bring up the issue that they are old and they don't understand us as kids and teens and even freshmen (in our early 20s), kids, they have gone through the times as kids, teens and even adults. our parents sendiri dah rasa macam mana hati memberontak to want this and that, to try this and that. they all have gone through that phase. the phase that we are on journey right now. it's a 'lil bit complicated to understand why we and our parents don't think alike. at times. i'm just wondering why ibu and ayah don't agree if i want to do that one particular thing, whereas, that is what i should've done.

but well, i have no idea why. i am actually quite a rebel. i've always wanted to do things on my own, to do things without anyone's permissions, or even do the things that is sometimes quite not right in people's eyes, but not mine. but at the end of the day. i will end up do the things as what my parents wanted me to do. i mean, not exactly i will do the things that they want, well, i will just do some mix-matching and stuff. whatever that ibu and ayah don't agree with me, i will try to connect it with what actually the purpose of me doing it. now, it's hard to explain this. but i am the one who will never do as oppose to what ibu and ayah wanted me to do. at least, i will try my best to do as what they said. because, at the end of the day. all that our parents want, is the best for us, their forever-kids.

so, whatever you are arguing about with your parents, currently. just try to sit down and discuss and try to figure out the best solutions that meets your needs and their want(s). that's it.

we can think that our parents do not understand us well. but, kids, when you have your own kids in the future, you will know why your parents "can't" understand you well.

P/S: now this is me trying to waste my time writing on my blog and let out whatever on my mind right now. i'm sorry with the way i taip this post (dengan takde uppercase letter nya, dengan bahasa campur nya). simply because, i malas tapi nak jugak menaippp. xD