Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Of a Serious Kind of Syndrome.


I just wonder has this kind of situation ever happened to you?

A (driver): wehh mana ni jalannya? depan tu simpang nak turn right ke left?
You (co-driver konon): oh depan tu kau belok kanan.
A (driver): *bagi signal light ke kanan*

You (co-driver): weh! apasal kau bagi signal ke kanan weh?
A (driver): kau kata tadi BELOK KANAN!
You (co-driver): eh aku tunjuk kiri lah tadi! aku kata kanan eh?
A (driver): ye! kau kata kanan tadi!
You (co-driver): oh yeke? ehehe sorry ehehehe ok2 belok kiri ehehehe *gelak sengih konon innocent*


B: kau dah padam ke semua gambar dalam phone kau ni?
You: dah. but don't worry. aku dah transfer and save semuanya dalam sim card.
B: Sim card? are you sure?
You: yeah sure. semua dah save.
B: no not that. sim...card? sim.....? *sceptical face*
You: oh aku cakap sim card eh tadi? ok2 tukar lah. memory card. ehehe *gelak sengih konon comel*


When you read something, novel or magazines and there's a word 'baking' and you pronounce it as 'lacking' instead. or there's 'melambatkan' but you pronounce it 'melambai akan' instead and somehow you just sceptical of the sentence, you have that-"what is this author trying to tell me? is they typo or what?"-kind of feeling. "seriously, lacking a cake? / melambai akan masa?"

But hellll nooo that author tak typo pon, you yang SPEAKO/PRONOUNCO/READO pfffftttttttt.
and then you read again and you just realized that "hahahahahaha aku yang silap! hahahaha"


For the first situation, I had experienced it several times but the 'co-driver' was not me.
And for the second and the third, yesss! THAT IS SO ME kahkah! I made those 2 kind of examples because, c'mon babe! I would certainly telling you the truth. Because reality gives better lessons to learn. alasan ahak ahak!

Sometimes I just wonder, how does it happen? how it became? how come this kind of funny syndrome happened around us? Lakkai sayyy it sooo funnehhhh! Funny lah bila ingat balik how can you be so tak fokus that you can make those silly mistakes.

So I call it Syndrome Speako, Pronounco, Reado. or Syndrome-Eh-sorry-I-tersilap cakap!

And don't take this matter as not-so-serious matter sebab for the first situation actually boleh buat you accident. Because it really nearly happened to me. Last time when I went to tak ingat pergi mana, with  friend. One of my kelik suruh belok kanan, and I made the signal to the right and pusing steering wheel ke kanan when suddenly she screamed "eh bukan kanan! kiri! salah2 nanti sesat kang kita!" and buatkan kami almost hit a man with motorcycle. It seriously bahaya.

and same as goes to the second and third examples. Perhaps that won't cause you an accident but still, it's a silly thing and we should be better in communicate and reading. Be a good speaker amd reader. Imagine if you are the emcee of a grand event or even heritage event and you tersilap baca you tercakap something that will embarrass you so much in front of the audiences.

Perhaps, there is a way, a good way to improve apa yang patut di improve kan ekkk.

So, let's do some exercise. cerdaskan otak sikit and be better. and STAY FOCUS!

p/s: just another random post as I have no idea what to do in this short sem break. 'Till then!