Monday, October 20, 2014

Short Getaway (random post)


So as informed, the semester break has just began! weeehuuu!

And before I get my holidays started, I already had my short getaway with my friends, Ipah, Eqa, Amni and Tinan. I can say that IT'S A GREAT SHORT GETAWAY! know what? it's not that because the places we've visited nor the delicious foods we had ;p
It just because, you know. I had my getaway with the ones yang memang aku jarang lepak kat CFS. Ipah was my secondary schoolmate whilst Eqa was my primary schoolmate (which that was the reason why I know and get to have my getaway along with them), Amni and Tinan are Ipah and Eqa's classmate in CFS (which I had never talked to in CFS before). So I can say that I had my short getaway with my new friends ahakks!

So here's let the pictures tell you everything! ;p

Tempat pertama kami pergi ialah Bukit Cerakah. I don't know how to tell you this but it was sooooooo exhausting! yet sooooooo happening!

Performed Zuhr at Masjid Negeri. It was my first time and I'm so impressed! It so stunning!

 Those are the photos taken at Laman Seni, Shah Alam, Seksyen 7, if I'm not mistaken. yes yess yesss we went to Laman Seni! I've been longing to be here! Maklum lah, semua orang duk suka sangat post gambaq kat laman seni and I was like "I want to be there too!" And here we were! It was exciting walaupun hujan renyai renyai rintik rintik hikkks we don't care as we were so happy!

Here I don't know where were this place I just can't recall pardon me! It's near Banting (rumah Amni) We slept over at Amni house. heee I love her mom as she looks so remaja uollsss!

Here the day after. So we rent a car (myvi) from this one handsome brother :p Tapi brother tu didn't manage to ambik balik kereta dia as he had something to do. Soooo, apa lagi wehhh, sambung lah guna kereta. That moment cuma aku, Ipah dan Eqa sebab Amni dah dekat Banting dan Tinan kena kemas barang dia kat CFS. Sayangnyaaa Amni dan Tinan patut ada sekaliii.

But the best thing is that abang sewa kereta (his name Amirul) tak mintak bayaran for the second day we used the car pun though we only paid the car for a day only. Baik tauuu kami jatuh hati! ahaks!

I cari you kat KL Tower hekhekkk!
Last picture should be the photo of the owner of this blog and it should be better quality (I rasa better haha!) than the rest. JUST BECAUSE. ;P