Sunday, November 02, 2014

A Tribute to Cancer Fighters.


My life has been surrounded by the cancer fighters. No I'm not a doctor. And definitely not even an individual who works in a community with cancer. I'm just a girl who have known several people that currently have been fighting and win the fight against the cancer, and there are some who died due to cancer. Even my mom once taking care of my arwah tokde, who died due to ovary cancer last year. I have seen how my mom waking up early to bring tokde to hospital and come back home 7 p.m. at the earliest.

I can never say anything about those people but to honor them in the highest way. It just, I salute them so much. You know, to come to the day where you have to hear about your cancer and you have to deal with the brutal fact of life. What more you have to go through the treatment, chemotherapy and stuff that certainly gonna take a long period of time to just get done with only for one session. It must be those who suffer with cancer are the ones that have been chosen by Allah, for some reasons. Only Allah knows everything.

Just now, I went to HSI, the hospital that provide the cancer treatment. I was there to pay a visit to a little cute boy, Maarij, my bestfriend's baby brother. He's only 7 and was diagnosed with cancer. I couldn't recall what type of cancer he suffers with. But as I know, it's related to glands. If I'm not mistaken. I think, if I'm not mistaken, he has been through the treatment since the early ramadhan of this year. Alhamdulillah. He's getting better. He can smile so cute and playing with his PSP and eat well. It is a pleasure to see him can adapt well and fit in himself with cancer. :)

And I remember those days when I will come to HSI to pay a visit for arwah tokde. I miss her so much. :'( She's a strong lady with the smile on her face. Once you meet her at a glance, you might won't believe that she's actually was a cancer fighter. But, Allah loves her more. I'm sure, with the patience she had to fight against her cancer, it was all a kaffarah to her. May Allah swt grant her jannah. Aminn. Al-Fatihah.

One thing that impressed me so much about those cancer survivors is how they'll contribute to the community once their treatment is over. I once read in this one particular article about cancer survivors facing with their life after treatment. They will usually cope with their new life in different ways. Some of them will get involved with cancer-related activities. Rather than the ones who never experienced a cancer, ones with cancer in the past could help better to the cancer community. Some just might changing their lifestyles into the better way.

Upon all above, those with cancer are truly inspiring. I get so much inspired especially by cancer survivors. Perhaps, they are much more stronger than me that Allah has been chose them to experienced cancer with all pain and suffering. But still, Allah will strengthen them with patience.

To those with cancer, live on! Don't give up! You never knew. Along the way of your fighting to live on, there might be those without cancer see you as an inspiration. Be inspired to others. With Allah wills, you'll be better, here and hereafter. Ameen.

"Indeed, Allah with those with patience."