Friday, October 10, 2014

Take 5.


It's a break. A really short break (less than 48 hours) after the Islam and Other Religion paper that I just took. So yeah, I have another one paper (Business Studies) before I can genuinely have my almost-one-month-sem-break.

Now, ok baru tambah masuk lagu2, puisi2 yg aku suka. Okay don't question my cup of tea please. We have different favorites right? So, this is how I roll! Most of the poems are from my favorite poet Zarry Hendrik in collaboration with the musician Ferdinan Pardosi. Yaaa mereka nyaa datang nya dari Indonesia. Jadinya yaaa begitulah bahasanya. Please bear in mind that I'm not that typical dramatic or sentimental person. lol. Because I just love the poems and their languages used! Just so nice. Maybe, because I'm an artistic person. kah! sila muntah.

Okbye. <3