Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Semester 2.


So lately i have been meaning to blog, like so eagerly wanted to write on my blog. But since, there are lotsa things to do, i just have to forget about it, turn off the laptop and go do that something-to-do.
But then, i used to multitasking. Like reading or doing assignment while watching videos on youtube or scrolling the timeline on facebook. Though it seems to be vain or tak guna punya multitask, but i still nak consider multitasking jugak i don't care! Ahaaakkkkk!

But today, on 24th of December 2014, around 11p.m. tempoh bangun pagi pergi ke kelas finally dah habiiiissssss for this semester 2! hooooo i couldn't brain how time flies so fast!

And of course, the feeling of having your classes on your short-sem done is actually the greatest relief you'll ever feel in that particular moment. yeahhh~

I have been sleeping a bit late these past few days. Somehow rasa tak sabar sangat nak habiskan this foundation. and i have another two semester await. haaaaa but it's okay then. i just couldn't wait having my bonding time with parents at home. Though there are about just 2 weeks to enjoy my sem break, it is better than having no holiday kan? so~yeah!

My final exams will be on 1st and 2nd of Janury 2015. So~ i'm gonna start my new year answering finals dalam dewan bersama sahabat sahabat yg lain. uh-ohhhh~ looking forward to know how it feel.

After that, i'd wish to have a really productive sem-break. Reading books, swimming, cooking with ibu, driving ibu to wherever she would like to go, helping her doing chores, jogging, enjoying nature and (i'll think later). These are the things that will be on my to-do-list time short sem-break nanti! I really hope soooo~ ahaakkkss!

On top of all that,

I'm begging for your thoughts and du'a and may the greater things returned~ ^_^