Monday, December 15, 2014



Yesterday was a great day.
And the day before was a fun day.
And also two days before the yesterday,
and three days before yesterday
Last thursday up to yesterday
Was a great great great ahhhhh greattt daysss!

When you are with your beloved ones.


-my intro supposed to be a poem and maybe i should consider be a poet someday. teeeheee~!-

It's like it just happened a second ago. 
Lama sangat tak holiday jalan jalan dengan family. I mean, the whole family (belah ibu). I think since about 2 years ago. Well, things changed, not everything will stick in their place for a lifetime. But our bonding is so kuat that finally we made it. Itupun sebab nak attend someone's wedding ceremony. 

Though tak semua ada, but the cheerfulness still there. 

Anyway, first we stopped in Kedah, i think in Sg. Petani. The wedding kat Kedah and then ke Penang and Kedah and Perak and now i'm in PJ. And i'm sure everybody now back to their works and tasks, as well as what i'm doing now, writing this in library. (i used to stay in library after evening classes. the feeling much greater than go to bed right after classes. ok tu lain cerita.)

Now, i was just thinking of make my own travelogue. Because i love traveling so much more than sleeping (ini serious). And i'm not yet travel sampai luar Malaysia. Mana ada duit wehhh. Somehow i just wanna be a traveler. Quit my studies and do travel around the world. Because traveling is a part of gaining knowledge you know? kah! no lah. It doesn't make sense. But seriously i want to TRAVEL so muchhhh~

Going to the great places and make a travelogue is such a nice idea. But to make it happen. I need to struggle more in my studies and making money so i can innocently travel using my own money. That require effort so much. 

I will make it happen!

I didn't plan to write about my journey here. So i'm not gonna share anything and everything i saw kat kedah penang perak. luls. 'cause that will take hours to do and i don't have much time to spend on the laptop.

I just wanna share about my planning on to travel and make my own travelogue. And i need the du'a(s) from you. And may the good things returned. :)