Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Oh it's 2015 already! Oh I did not wish a HNY.


Macam selalu lah. I have been meaning to blog. Yet i don't really have the time and when i have the time, i prefer do something else which is not related to blogging and stuff. So how ah?

Now, according to my latest issue on blog. There said that i'll be sitting my final exams on the very first and second day of 2015. So rasanya 2015 did welcoming me with papers, pens, sitting in exam hall, stressed out looking for answers, and on top of all, i think i've got one greatest lesson on my very first day of 2015 which is not to hold to PROCRASTINATION and clearly DO NOT PROCRASTINATING! not anymore!

 luls, the same lesson as to every examinations that i've been through.

Aih terok sangat nak hilangkan tabiat buruk ni grrr!

So yeah, let bygone be bygone. Now, do'a is my greatest weapon.

Now, come to think of it. I haven't and really didn't wish anybody a happy new year. Not because of the examination. It just because i don't really have that kind of feeling and eagerness to say any wishes. Not as how i used to be.

Dulu, every new year mesti sibuk nak mesej everyone and wish them a HNY. I don't know how and why that feeling came but maybe in accordance with the factor of age and environment. Yelah, dulu umur baru setahun jagung and get too attached with virtual social life. Environment pon dikelilingi dengan friends yg asyik sibuk wish. Sometimes dah dua minggu new year pon still got the texts, Now, yes still dapat wishes but not as many as the ancient time. amboi ancient sangat. haha!

Even the temptation has gone too weak and i can say that i don't even have the tendency to wish a happy new year. But don't be too annoyed if i'm not replying to your wishes. Your name will always be in my do'a. Isn't it better? :p

Somehow I don't really care about posting something about new year and stuff in my fb or instag or twitter like a picture saying "2015, please be nice to me" or "thanks to 2014 for everything". Sama, not as how i used to be before. hmmm. I'd really growing up didn't i? or should i say, growing old? be someone yg jauh lebih matang. owhhh it's nice~ teeeheee~!

Talking about be matured, i'm just thinking of doing something bigger and more adventure. Like, doing business? I don't know how it'll be going and i'm not certain what awaits and what'll come next but this time, i think i really want to give it a try. Try what? Try to do more multitasking. luls. Hope that'll be the encouragement for me to really leave my bad-procrastinate self behind. I think if i have more commitment on serious things like the things that'll take me to do more sacrifice and having to take high risk onto every side of an outcome, i'll be more determined and committed to my task and responsibilities. This was only a hypothesis that i think somehow i does make a sense.

I was so afraid on making my own decision and challenge myself. But this time, i think i shouldn't really think about the failure and just go with effort and ventures.

This was only a new start and a great beginning for my business. Go search deenfleur on instagram. It still under construction but heyyy let's wait for the update!

Ok thanks and may you have a great new beginning and wonderful times along the great new year!

Wait, did i just give you a wish?

heheee cheers~!