Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Give and Take.


So last time was a very short update. I have the problem of desperately wanting to write something on the blog without having any specific themes or topics to say or even to discuss about. Sometimes when I go through my blog and found one short update that I wrote which talking about an absolute random stuffs (no benefits at all) I somehow feel like gonna really delete such things. Sometimes it comes to the extent where I want to sepak myself for doing such.

-Not 'sepak' guna kaki tu, itu terajang (kick). 'Sepak' guna tangan (slap). Geddit?
Oh come on, omg, I successfully introduced to you the homograph from Malay words. Ohwow!
*self bro fist* (vain again)-.-

Well, it just annoyed I think. Seems like I really don't have anything good to share that might benefited to those who read. It just I've spent for a few minutes just to write something which is totally vain.

Now, I just want to talk something that less vain (hopefully) because there's no way I could do something which is innocently vainless. luls.

That is about "Give and take" as you can see my title above can't you? heee~

 Now, when dealing with social network, you really have to consider about that kind of give-and-take-concept. You know give and take? Of course you know kan? It is mutual compromises; generally from dictionary.

Give and take is when people reach for an agreement with one another by giving up and receiving something that they wanted. It comes in any forms such stuffs like books or foods, as well as in the form of giving ideas. Like a good-natured exchange of ideas, comments and feedbacks.

So, it is important as well to practice this give and take concept in the social medias like facebook, twitter, instagram, blog and the 3rd kind of web like whatsapp, wechat and you just name it  yourself 'cause I'm sure we are social network freak and knew and we have discovered almost every apps kan? hohooo~!

Some people, from my observation, they really make use of their social webs that they had. From just taking up some good inputs to giving back their own point of view in several topics. Likewise when they have giving up their ideas, they will take others' feedbacks or comments. These people, we really need them nowadays dalam-dunia-zaman-teknologi-komunikasi-tanpa-sempadan, endless. Because somehow, when we give the good things to others, we will apparently retrieve the positive vibes and ideas as what needed.

This positive things are totally a contradiction when we use our social webs aimlessly or without any good intentions. I meant, doing such a vain in the webs and, even worse when we use the social media to spread the bad thing and negatives such being a fake freak or cursing people through the facebook or twitter as how we can see nowadays. Well, what you give you get back kan? Know the consequences yourself.

In case you are categorized as one of those who are might have or already have been using this social network to do such bad things or even had commit cyberbullying (ini melampau), maybe dah boleh berubah 360 degree into the better person in social network.

You will never know the things that could ever happened to you. If do good, then insyaAllah Allah will reward you with the better thing. Otherwise, you might don't want to know the punishment that awaits you. Especially as a Muslim, to spread the good things and do dakwah is a compulsory for us. Selagi hayat dikandung badan. Do as much good deeds as you can. Spread the positives to show how good Muslim you are.

Give something good such as dakwah, beneficial information pon considered as 'Ibadah if you are a Muslim. See how beautiful Islam is. So, if you have a facebook, twitter acc (i'm sure you have. haha) then post lah status yang baik2, tweet the good things. If you have a blog, then write lah something yang beneficial. If you have instagram, post lah gambar yang baik baik. Because sometimes when we too often post our selfies, nampak macam selfish and it might bring harms. -THINK ABOUT IT-

GIVE AND TAKE on social network is to give others the good points as well as to take others' better points. Even if we are not in the consensus, at least, there'll always points to take, we just have to look for it.

-Yes, I'm trying my best to write benda benda yang berfaedah rather than post randomness more often.




Peace and Assalamu'alaikum~!