Tuesday, October 06, 2015

My Productivity // Tumblr


yeayy! So now I'm back to Tumblr. After months not being into it. The boredom of staying at home brought me again to the things that I used to do back then when I was in high school.

And of course after a longer time, I need some changes. And, yeah, I did it!
Well, just a little. Just changed the main title, my url, bio and the theme and it wasn't so special and not cost at all. Just simple and it's free! I won't say that I really love it, the theme now. But well, it just fine and as long as I'm okay with it. So, yeah! Here is it. my Tumblr!

This is how it exactly supposed to look like when you view it! So simple isn't it? Yeah, because I love simple things, just fine with my liking~

I do started post some pictures of me, when I feel I want to. 

I'm curious about when did I start this Tumblr and stuff. So what I do is, I clicked the Menu section, you can see on the top of the first picture. The Menu is on the left top and there supposed to be Follow button on the right top, parallel with the Menu bar. Then, if you happen to have any tumblr account, then you know what exactly supposed to be there. 

So yeah, I clicked on the Menu bar and this came out. So I did Tumblr-ing since August 2011. Woa quite awhile I think. It has been 4 years in my calculation ;p 

The 2011-post sections

This is the 1st anniversary of my Tumblr! August 2012. nahhh so sikit I reblogged. Well, I'm growing older xD
2nd anniversary!

Okay now. There is no post on August 2014. Not even a single thing that I've blogged or re-blogged. Hmmm.
Same goes to 2015! xD Looks like this time, I am getting bored into it. Yeah.

And now I started it all over again! xD

So, that's all~

Now, come to think of it. Things are getting changed bit by bit, year by year. I didn't really blogged or re-blogged about the same thing over months and even years. My mood changes so many times, and you can see it. Sometimes I blogged about arts, sometimes it could be Islamic things and stuff, sometimes about me, just me, sometimes about makeup, beauty and stuffs and sometimes about classy stuffs I guess, or cute stuffs or whatever you named it. 

This is me. This is actually me. You can't even expect me to be the same person like 24/7. Even you, yourself, everything about you, about your likings, the things you hate, your moods, your feelings are all change right? So am I. 

But still, nobody can ever judge me by all my posts, seriously. One can judge but they don't always right and sometimes they are totally wrong. :) Because of that, I don't really judge people. And perhaps that is why I can't hate anybody by my first impression towards them. 

God, I love myself! haha! Thanks for created me this way! heee until then!