Friday, November 13, 2015

Of what inspire me a lot!


It's been awhile. I've been meaning to blog but procrastination and laziness have lately been abetting to stop me from doing such. Poor me I can't even fight them. *hentakkaki*


But now, while waiting for a movie to be downloaded, I decided and determined to blog no matter what happen! no matter what's gonna stop me! I am now not gonna let myself be a loser and let those 2 jerks (procrastination and laziness) win! *standingonthecliffwhileholdingaimgonnawinwrittenonflag* pfffttt

Ok now let's straight up to the title. What inspire me the most? What people whattt?

jengjengjeng~ The Studio Ghibli! I have no idea how did I get too attached to Studio Ghibli and the films they made! It's like suddenly I'm into something that definitely got the different world and definition of life as mine. They are of good stories and great lessons to be learnt. The content might be a lil' bit heavy to certain people, but, if you really need something that can stimulate well your mind, giving that hit that "oh, I've got something to think about" kind of mind. Then, Studio Ghibli have exactly what you need!

Some people might not like the kind of too-high-imagination, because well, it's anime after all. Anime will always be liddat, people. It's all about IMAGINATION. But really, there are a lot of things you can take as lesson and inspiration through all the movies by Studio Ghibli. 

Some movies are of the history of Japan, some are of the spirits and all, that they believe it does exist. Some are simply about the imagination of a kid that can go beyond the limit of an adult minds can go. Some are obviously about striving hard in your life and studies. 

I believe I once heard that, in the old times, Japan created the Anime to encourage the Japanese and boost their minds in moving forward on their life, for the sake of advancement and improvement of their country and for themselves. Yea, that is what I heard the most. No wonder if you happen to watch all the animes from the old times by Japan, they got lotsa histories and stuffs. To see how they faced everything and moving forward. Salute you Japan! 

Every movie that I have watched, for the time being, are definitely got a lot of things to think about. And I really love watching a movie and think about how one can ever thought to film this kind of story and how does it related to the science and all. Even for Muslims, there are a lot of things to be taken as lessons, minus the spirits and stuffs if you happen to dislike about those kind of things. But hey, the grass always greener on the other side! *tetibe* You can definitely find something else that good for you to learn! For me, even from all the movies that related to the spirits and stuffs like that, that definitely contradict to my belief, I still want to look for something that is good for me! And I found it!

So here the list of Animes by Studio Ghibli that I have watched. (and I do list them accordingly, I mean I do the ranking from the one I love the most and encourage you to watch it to the one that I just like but it's up to you to have a try on watching them)

1.  Spirited Away
2.  Whisper of the Heart
3.  From Up on Poppy Hill
4.  My Neighbor Totoro
5.  Howl's Moving Castle
6.  The Wind Rises
7.  The Secret World of Arietty
8.  Kiki's Delivery Service
9.  When Marnie Was There
10. Ponyo
11. The Cat Returns
12. The Ocean Waves
13. Princess Mononoke

Doesn't mean the 10th and below are the movies that I hate or dislike. But just because there are 9 more that I think better and I prefer to love them more. If I happen to have have some times to be wasted :P , I would do the feedbacks and comments (might be critics) on those that I have watch. But for the time being, let me waste my time digesting all the movies first. hekkk

And if I have children soon, I would definitely let them growing up with these movies. But of course I shall do the filtering and stuffs of what is good for them and what suitable for them based on the age. hiks. Until then!