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Beauty Review // Nivea Extra White Make Up Starter (3 in 1 Moisturizing Serum)


Helloooooo fellas! So, I decided to really make use the times that I had now to do blogging and stuffs and do all things that I would definitely hardly can do when I'm in Gombak Campus soon. InsyaAllah the result of what major that I'll be taking will be up on this 7th of Jan. I just can't wait for it! Either my first or second choice, I will just have it wholeheartedly! hiks

So now, as what written on the title, I'll be talking (writing) about some beauty (I guess) or skincare related stuffs. Well, I have never thought of talking about this kind of things, like the skincare thingy or what product do I put on my face and all. It is definitely out of my concern, not in my field nor it's on my top favorite things to be talk about. But I guess, for some reasons, I just really want to share with all my blog readers about some good things, and this thing, it can be considered as one beneficial thing to be shared.

Back then, I guess, for just about few months or years ago, I had a really really bad skin condition. And it goes continuously in a bad condition until few weeks ago. If you knew me or have met or seen me in person, you probably and definitely know how bad my skin was. God, having a bad skin condition, I kept telling myself that 'it is okay', 'it's nothing', 'what's important is in your heart, not what's on your face' 'blerghh blerghhh blerghhh'. But then, as a matter of fact, I do feel kind of uneasy and sad with my own skin. It's like I'm being trapped in a really horrible body having a really bad skin condition. I am a student, and can be considered as business girl where I have to meet a lot of people and have to deal with which I have to talk a lot face-to-face to people. So having a bad skin, which all the dead skin cells can be easily and obviously seen and sometimes all acne, whiteheads and blackheads popped up on my face, they just made me so uneasy, uncomfortable and have been wise to say that they really can lower my confidence level to talk to people, to have some business discussion to people. My self esteem has become a lot more worse than it ever had since then.

I have a combination skin type, which dry and oily at the same time. But I guess, I am more as dry skin person than oily one. And a little sensitive sometimes. But really, I don't have a normal skin type like every other pretty girls had. Then, one day, my aunt introduced me her favorite make up thing, and this thing, Nivea Extra White Make Up Starter, she has been using the 3 in 1 Moisturizing Serum which she loves the most and has recommend me to have a try on it. I can't remember when was the last time I had a moisturiser going all over my face, but then I just decided to give it a try.

Suprisingly, the Nivea 3 in 1 Moisturizing Serum has give a really good impact on my face. The result can't be seen as fast as I wished it would be, but still, I've come to just really love this product! Better late than never, better have a belated result than a faster one but will have a long-term bad effect right!
Photo source : Mr. Google
As I said, I have dry and oily skin type at the same time, and a little bit sensitive. My skin usually get irritated by some products, but this one, it has never give any breakouts even after few months I have been using it! It is so moisturizing and has the SERUM effect which makes it not just hydrating and moisturizing, but also some sort of repair activities to my skin. And really love the smell! Also love how convenient the packaging is! So easy to carry it anywhere around with the slim squeeze tube! Totally worth it!

I have been using it almost everyday, no, definitely everyday! Even when I don't wear any makeup or when I don't go out, just staying home all day and night but still apply this product after cleansing and toning my skin. I love how lightweight it feels on my face because of its very thin and light texture. It also absorbs quickly, makes it easier and faster for me to put anything on my face afterwards! And one great thing about it is that this super great product has SPF! It is SPF 33 which makes the user to be able to stand under the sun and still get protected from burning for quite a long time, and PA+++ which means it has the higher level of UVA protection! And there a lot more good things to be discovered about this one good product!

Two versions of Nivea Extra White Make Up Starter. Photo source : Mr. Google
So as you can see, there are 2 versions of Nivea Extra White Make Up Starter. The one that I am currently use and crazily in love with is the 3 in 1 Moisturizing Serum. But I haven't tried the 3 in 1 Overnight Repair Serum. Because my aunt, who have introduced me this product have tried on the overnight repair serum and turned out that she didn't really enjoy using this product as for the quite heavy texture. So, until now, I haven't decide whether to try the overnight repair serum or not. As the daytime counterpart has been so good to me and I think it is enough to have it on daytime. 

So, what do I wear on the nighttime? Well, I'll be talking about it on the different post ;)

But for now, if you have no moisturiser or serum to apply on your face, and haven't try this one, give it a try! But make sure it'll be good to you!

Until then!

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