Friday, March 04, 2016

About Love (briefly cheesy talk)


I am, now, studying, trying to finish the chapter 4 of Psyc 1000. But things get a little bit unbearable and all I need is a break for now xD

So today, suddenly, I remember about something. That little something called love.

I remember those days when my heart's pounding for a guy. I guess, those days happened, about few years ago, when everything seems okay for a love. To be honest, yeah, I didn't feel as such for this past few years.

I remember when those feelings came, I will tell my mom. I will tell her how about my feelings, exactly almost and everything about my feelings. Nothing to be hidden from a mom I guess.

The only answer or opinion from my mom after listening to my honest confessions, is, "that feelings, will just be temporary. It won't stay long. It will simply fade away someday. So don't hold for it. Don't even think about how you feel. Just live your life everyday without even think of such things. That thing happens to all teenagers like you, I knew it. So just let those feelings without even thinking to let it stay or not. You just have to ignore it. When it's going to fade, it will."

Those days, I thought that my mom is being a bit cruel to her only daughter. I thought that she had never understand my feelings even when she said she did.

But, after all, mom's always right. Now when I look back to those days, I know why did she ever told me such a thing. If only she told me the other way around.. thanks mom.

Now, those feelings that I used to had, are no longer there (in my heart). I even forgot about those feelings.

And it's a relief.

Now, I can further my studies without those messy feelings.

And I really need to go back to my chapter 3 of Psychology.

Until then.