Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Movie Review // Late Blossom (Korean Movie)


I'm back with another review kind of post! :p But this one is not the product or beauty review that I used to do. Because I am, currently, have no interest in any of those topics. Really. Well, girls sure do  have variety of moods and interests in just few months eyy :p

Ok now now, click this Trailer Video and you will get to see about what movie that I'm gonna talk about.

Things just meant to be happened when it's going to happen. Few weeks ago I was just going through, searching, looking and digging for the Korean movie / drama that has Song Ji Hyo as the main character, well, she is the one and only girl in Running Man (I guess you must have known her well). So yeah, while I was about to dig everything, I just happened to found this movie. But she's not the main cast in this movie, I wonder then, what kind of character she is in this movie so I decided to just download it. While this movie, as what I've read, is about the love story of few old couples (like granny-grandpa-lovestory), I thought that it would be a little bit boring for me and I will just watch it when I feel like I want to and when I were to really run out of movies to be watched in my laptop. :p

Well things went different and due to the high level of curiosity, I decided to watch it right away. :p

And guess what? THE MOVIE IS JUST SO GOOD!

In this post, I am not going to tell you about the description of the movie, like who is who and what is what or when is when and where is where, no I am definitely not gonna talk about that :p you just have to watch it yourself. Go search the movie around Mr.Google and oh you can simply watch it HERE ON KISSASIAN.COM and if you wish to download the movie instead of watching it online (because the perks of downloading movies is that you can freely watch it over and over again if you ever forgot to pay your internet bills or you are fail to get the free wifi ;P) you have to sign up first in kissasian.com, only then you can download whatever stories you would love to. ^_^ sekian tutorial secawan ;p

In this post, I am just gonna talk about what I feel and what I think about this movie. I'm gonna talk my lungs out throughout this post. Bear that in mind heee~!

Plus, I'm doing this for my own reflections in the future. To remind me about what love is, when I've grown old. :')

I guess the intro of this post was just too much, sorry not sorry. x'D

Okay now,

This movie, I tell ya, is sooooo BEAUTIFUL. The storyline is sooo moving. Quiet but warming. And the casts in this movie are really, the best! including Song Ji Hyo, although she's not the main cast, she seems to play her role pretty well, and that is what makes this movie feeling more heartwarming.

They can really make everything seems so real and really change the way I see what is love actually. They show what it's like to be in love, even you are not being in love with anybody while you're watching the movie. Trust me, because I can feel the love even I'm still single ;P

Again, the main casts are what makes the movie so moving! They are pretty old people but they are way better! Each and every seconds of the movie is so precious I can't even skip any scenes though the storyline is a bit slow, well, for those who aren't melancholic people. I am, on the bright side, is pretty melancholic and romantic person haha! I'm a girl who still love being received a bouquet of flower when the other girls claiming to rather feeling much happier to get pizzas or chickens than flowers. Well, that just me. But I still love foods tho ;p

Peeps! I have no idea how to put everything in words anymore! You really have to watch Late Blossom yourself! Before it's even too late :'))

Nahh few pictures of scenes in the movie

Finally Song Ji Hyo! She's sooo cute, innocent and no fake! xD

This movie really makes me stop and think what it's like to still feeling deeply in love even when I'm old enough to even notice everything around me. Suddenly, I am being so patiently waiting for my mr.Right, even he will soon come, 10 years later :'))

But on top of all, the main point and the best thing about this movie is that, it taught me what FAMILY is.

There are happy, sad, funny, heartwarming, romantic, good lessons moments in this movie! All in one ;D. Well, the ending is quite weird and a bit unfinished, but for me, it still won't ruin the whole thing about this movie.

And oh, you can listen to the ost of this movie that I'm really into it! Here, 2 first songs! (Really wish I could understand well the lyrics! T____T) *suddenly I'm into k-indie now! xD

Watch the movie and feel free to share your reviews of this movie. There is no right or wrong in giving your opinions about a thing. If it's meant to be shared, we shall do it!


WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T! (well if you feel interested to) ^_^

Until then peeps!