Thursday, April 21, 2016

What better title could've been up here?


So today is just another day. Yet the only day which I inadvertently overslept. After few months of my first semester in IIUM. I've got a class at 0830 and I woke up at approximately 0818 only after my friend knock my door really loudly.

I have no idea how can I not waking up after the alarm at all, I mean I guess I was in a deep REM sleep that I can't even hear my alarms, which I've set it on respectively every 30 minutes started at 5.00 a.m. What could've been worse is that as I remember, I did fall asleep earlier last night. Demmit dear self.

But on the bright side is, the 0830 class is cancelled.

Mayyynnn what is this? I impressed as how my body could've known that my class will be cancelled today anyways xD

Demmit you self, you're amazing! x'D

Need to start making notes and study now as Final Exams will start just in a few weeks time.