Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Never get enough of Nips

Assalamu'alaykum so finally I am writing again on my blog. 

And I actually kind of mad to write on blog right now since it is final exams week. Oh well, just need some escape I guess. :p

I have 4 papers to go starting from 26th of May until 3rd of June. And I'm not sure if I had even 60% of the preparation. 

Keep calm...keep calm...

First paper will be on Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya on 26th of May. And guess what, I haven't revised any topics of it since I get a lil bit too much worries about the other 3 subjects. Keep remind myself that "you can't do this Ety, even it is bahasa, you still got a lot to revise"

Ok I will start tonight!

Then, one day gap, there will be 2nd paper on Science of Qur'an. On 31th of May will be Revelation as Source of Knowledge and finally on 3rd of June is Intro. to Psychology!

Science of Qur'an (SOQU)

Revelation as Source of Knowledge (RASOK)

p/s: not that rasuk (possession by a spirit) gais please lah gaisss

Intro. to Psychology

My loyal companion I call CINTA!

And finally Nips and Chocolate! A must for a revision period! Can never get enough of NIPS!

Those are some pictures and sorry for the mess. Well, messy room and desk are normal and sensible when you're a student and it's your finals time! ;p

Ok I have a lot to study and I really need to go. See you peeps again after my last paper! I have some great things to announce! teehee~!